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To become a VIP, you'll want to choose a Welcome Pack or Combo based on your health goals. Click “Order Now,” answer the 3 questions for recommendations and make your choice. An enrollment fee of $9.95 gives you wholesale pricing for 1 year.


pivotal program:

You will also receive guidance from Phyllis and be added to our amazing community of VIPs.

As a VIP Customer, you will receive...

  • 25% product discount
  • An affiliate link to share and earn product credit
  • Plexus Perks: Every time your convenience order process of 100pv or more, you will earn Perk Credits that can be used to redeem free products.

  • Download our FREE "Plexus Go" mobile app. Register for pivotal. It's a FREE 12-week menu plan and renewable exercise routines every 12 weeks. Just for participating, you'll earn more perk points.


How long does it take for my Welcome Pack to arrive?

The company estimates 8-10 days, but often products will arrive in 3-5 days.

What can I expect when starting my supplements?

I will be sending you directions for your specific Welcome Pack that helps you start the products slowly to minimize detox symptoms.

Detox is real and it's GOOD. It means the products are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Detox is how your body reacts when it is getting rid of toxins and bringing itself back to its natural balance.

How will I know which Welcome Pack is best for me?

You will take a health survey that will ask you a few simple questions to figure out which products will be best for you.

Will I have access to Phyllis when I have questions?

Yes! Phyllis will be in contact with you and you can message her with questions or set up free phone consults.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador, keep scrolling.

How to become a

Brand Ambassador


There is no fee to upgrade to a Brand Ambassador. You simply use your affiliate link that you received as a VIP Customer. When you have a friend join you, you will be given an option to upgrade your account.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will receive...

  • 25% product discount
  • Now when you use your affiliate link, you will earn cash bonuses instead of product credit.
  • Earn commissions in several ways.
  • Plexus Perks: Every time your convenience order process of 100pv or more, you will earn Perk Credits that can be used to redeem free products.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I receive coaching directly from Phyllis?

Yes! And a team of other highly successful professionals in the industry.

We will help you build your business organically by serving and adding value with no agenda or expectation. You get to be YOU here and this can look like whatever YOU want it to.

Our simple systems are easy for you to plug your customers into. These systems allow you to bring value to your customers without reinventing the wheel. You choose how, when, and which resources you use to customize your business and serve your customers.

How much will I make?


The earning potential here is incredible! When you receive a referral link that operates much like an affiliate or brand partner link. Referring just 3 friends typically pays you between $200-$350. Referring 6 friends typically pays between $400-$500 and referring 9 friends typically pays between $800-$1,000.

The company and Phyllis make no guarantees on income, as such representatives may be misleading. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, skill and leadership abilities and how effectively you exercise those qualities.

You have the opportunity to share health with others at your pace and are generously compensated! There are no requirements to purchasing the proudcts. However, should you decide to earn cash by sharing your referral link you will need a small order of 100PV or more so you are commission qualified.

What if I have more questions?

This is a learn-as-you-go so we find that most of your questions will be answered in your journey. Phyllis will work diligently to guide you in every step of the process, whether that be in your health and happiness or also in gaining more time and financial freedom.

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Looking forward to chatting soon! - Phyllis

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